June 24, 2013

Escape Fire On DVD Feb. 26

A lot of my time is spent watching game film, but every once in a while, I get a chance to watch a real movie. One of the best films I’ve seen in the past six months is a documentary called “Escape Fire.” I saw it with one of the directors, Matthew Heineman, during a screening in Denver in October. It’s spectacular – an optimist’s view of what our healthcare system should be.

Escape Fire asks an important question: How do we get out of the hell that we’re in right now with a $3 trillion healthcare system that doesn’t produce $3 trillion success. The American healthcare leaders have the resources, the brilliance and the money, but it’s not being managed the correct way.

My belief is there’s a subtle revolution going on in our country. It’s not a revolt. It’s an energy that says we want to do things differently. We want to do things better than we’re doing them. This exists in education, politics and health care. There is a growing number of very intellectual, very courageous, very financially well-to-do people who don’t think we are doing things the right way.

Escape Fire exposes a health-care system that is more concerned about making money than treating patients the right way. There is too much focus on treating diseases and not enough focus on preventing them in the first place. The movie addresses a lot of things that I’ve thought about as a cancer survivor. It’s well-done. Most documentaries kind of knock you out, saying the world’s over. Escape Fire gave you the impression that there are people out there who know this has to change.

If you missed it in the theaters, Escape Fire comes out on DVD on Feb. 26. I highly recommend it.

You can click here to preorder the DVD on Amazon.com. The trailer can be seen on the Escape Fire website.

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